Time Is Relative

I would like to say something about the way in which time happens and how it is experienced for many since it is a concept which is not readily understood. People accept time for what it is, the ticking of a clock and the passing of the hours and the days.

This is what you experience, but it is not what time actually is, it is exists only to serve a purpose, to allow for some measurement, some feeling of being and living. It is quite necessary on your level and to be without time would not allow people to follow their path.

You may wonder why time has such an importance here, you all “live” according to what a clock says, you start and end your days with the time being present, the time of birth, the time of death. It has somehow become so ingrained into your level that is would not be possible to “live” without it. But I would say to you that if you cannot believe time is required and that it is of little importance then that would be incorrect…

Time, as is known to you, is relative and it means what it needs to mean for each and everyone of you. There is the possibility of advancing time and slowing of time. This is done from within, from within one’s own light and is purely at an unconscious level. Time is only the mind’s or the conciousness that is aware of time. At an inner level there is no such ability, so when you connect with your inner light there is the opportunity to slow or even speed up what is surrounding you.

This does not sound possible to you, I know. However, think about how there is no concept of time passing by in deep meditation. There is no concept of what may be happening around you when you are in that state of connectedness and mindlessness. There is no ticking of the clock, there is no concept of time within you as you are connected to your inner light on a different level that does not require the concept of time.

I would urge you not to think or dwell too heavily on this. Time is what it needs to be, but you do have the capability to bypass the requirement of time at times when it is required, just by connection with your inner light

Some affirmations for you

“Be what you are, there is no one else who can be you, only you”

“Allow the light to come through and around you, feel and engage in its healing warmth”

“Find out what the truth within you requires and follow it”

“Do what you wish, not what others wish of you”

“Time will always be available to you”

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