The Divine Spark – Taking Energy Forward

Being whole can take an unlimited lifetime, but the practice is part of the journey into light and love. There is no easy path, experience is everything and it cannot be rushed or forced out of the body, that resides within the essence that is felt within us all.

This journey is only a part of the essence of your actual being. At the centre of your being there is a light which will never be extinguished, only re-lighted time and time again for the purpose of learning, appreciation, knowledge and peacefulness.

This is all known by many people, what they do not understand is that the divine spark remains as an unaltered energy, a pure form of love that exists in its own self and that although seeking higher meaning through transition of form, the spark will always have the same truth within it, which is leading the energy forward.

How this happens is unimportant, the fact is that it does and will happen and this is the key to the path to freedom and the ultimate release, light and the final brightening of your soul.

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