This One Is All About Love

I would like to say something about love and what it means and what is is for many people, for they do not properly understand the that love comes from within. It is not a simple transference between people. There is a real need for you to feel love from the inner, from within ones own self to feel that deep feeling of connection with your inner love, which is there for all whether you realise it or not.

To love oneself to experience the love and connection from within is important it is only by knowing ones own love that there can be a feeling of peace within.

If you do not love then you will struggle to find that truth that is within that is so integral to who you are, to what you allow your conscious mind to experience. Without a love for that which is within, many people struggle, they do no accept what their own self wishes of them.

So love and feel the love within, it is there for you and you alone.

Affirmations for you
“When a thought is released it can become true”

There is a love, a light within you, feel it and know it”

“I cannot tell you where your path lies, that is for you to know”

The Light Should Not Be Owned

Beacons of Light Channelling Workshop

Whilst there are many of you here that wish to seek the truth that is not what is required of this gathering. I tis for the purposes of development and a joint feeling and connection of energies. As it has been told to you, the self is not important and it is the connection of many where the real truth and perhaps light exists. This is known to you all and it should be recognised by some of you who have not yet accepted this. Continue reading “The Light Should Not Be Owned”

The Recession – How Will People Manage?

How are people in Britain going to manage? People are struggling to much financially with the recession?

It is not question of how but when this time will pass, and it will as it has before, and it will be a painful time but one that will bring with it some special times, as there are many that will have an understanding that in terms of financial wealth that this is not required as much as it is perceived. There is a need which your time has for money, it allows the essence of being but this is no absolute, there is the ability to live on this earth without the financial abundance that is so sought after. Continue reading “The Recession – How Will People Manage?”

Why The Angels Channel Through Me

Is there anything you would like to channel through me today?

Of course my dear, I am always here and able to give you knowledge and wisdom that you may not yet comprehend but through your time here will bring more and more clarity to your life. It is already known that there are some people who can receive the information I give freely and you are one of those people, you have always had the ability to do so, and however, whether you choose to do this is another matter. Continue reading “Why The Angels Channel Through Me”

The Truth About The Law of Attraction

Can you tell me more about the “Law of Attraction” which is so popular at the moment?

There are many laws in the universe as you are aware, you have read about them recently. The law of attraction is one that can be found here on your earth and in other places that do not even exist in your own mind or those of other people. The need to attract is a strange thing, that many people believe they can do by the power of sentient thought. Continue reading “The Truth About The Law of Attraction”