Energy Transformation or Reincarnation?

There is something I would like to communicate to you about the cycles that you are not aware of and although you may think of them as being as others have described them. as being and returning to another body this earth, this is not quite accurate, but is what some of your ‘religions’ can make of their limited knowledge and this is an attempt to explain something that happens with all energy. It is known to you. as I have said before that energy cannot be destroyed only changed or reformed and it can do this on many levels not just in the human form that you are aware of.

It can be seen as a cycle of energy form one form to another that can exist on the many levels either in a form or not, it is whatever that energy chooses to do for what it believes is required for it. It may return to your earth and choose to ‘be-come’ into a child at the moment there is human conception, or it may choose elsewhere, or when the body is no longer there, to move then hold the energy in a place where it may rest for a while without form before cycling forward. The time they do this is not relevant,as the time that you experience is not what others experience and so to you on your earth it could be hundreds of years but may not be so on another level where time is a different concept altogether.

As a small child the energy will evolve with the child and in some children there is a strong connection within, this is what you may call genius or brightness, they may have a strong desire to sing, paint or even to follow a more dangerous path but is their inner self whether light or dark giving them guidance. This is why some children develop rapidly and other do not, it’s in part due to two factors; one is the ability of the child to connect with its inner self and the second is how developed the energy inside is and the knowledge that is has retained through its cycles. Just as you age through your time on earth so do energies they can learn from their experiences in form and they can also learn from other energies when they are with or without form.

There is no need for a child to know it’s path in some instances they will follow this, you may call it instinct but this is not a chance happening it is what is required of them and they will continue to develop in a natural way that is right for them. And this is where the support of parents or those who care for them is important as if there is to be a forcing of this energy before it is ready to communicate with the child then this can be difficult for the child and this forcing must be removed by the parents.

Let me talk a little about levels. They are not as some believe to be worked through to achieve pureness, they are simply a range of places where energy can exist, your earth being one of them, there are other places which there are many of which you cannot know as they are not in your current knowledge and I can only relate them to you as being there operating like this as the spiral runs through them, they exist on their own but it is in the spiral.

Time Spiral








This allows some cross over from time to time. This of course is a simplified explanation but is serves to give you an idea of what exists beyond that of your knowledge and just as your time is your time, in these other places they have their own reality for them as well which is not a reality which you would match with yours but is no less valid for them, neither is their form as in some their energy is free to exist.

As a human to physically access the other levels in your form with your current knowledge is not possible. You can access through your own energy and channel as we are doing today, but this is not to be confused with cycling which requires the human body to die and this is when the energy is free to move. As an energy there are choices made and this allows for free movement, some cycle more readily, others stay as they are with the mind of their last incarnation or energy form, keeping the life and knowledge they have learned. This may result in them being ‘stuck; but with help they can move and chose a different level to experience. It s more than can be imagined and I have tired to make the explanation in a way you could understand but perhaps this would seem to many as strange as these have a need to know that there is a simple explanation for what happens when your body dies. For which there is not, as the energy will make its own decision on where it goes and what it does and it is different for all.

I have said enough for you today, love to you, here are some affirmations for you…

“All that is required is a love that burns inside and is keeping you warm”

“Be quiet and you will feel what is right for you”

“Laughter is a way to release, so laugh and feel your energy brighten”