The Truth About The Truth

Good morning, I see you are back and it is good that you are looking towards the light as there is something I will relate about the truth in you and the truth in us all and it is something that is often not thought of because those who think it cannot discover it. It is about finding that quiet place and within that be one with time on your own awareness where you access this is the source of the truth and thoughts will not lead you there. It is through a moment of pure silence that you get to feel and experience the truth and the many things which will lead you to it.

Remember that this is all within you, you do not have to seek this outside of you. Look inwards and not even upwards, ask yourself where it is and you will see it revealed. Many have an idea of what this will be but when you have found and felt the one truth you will know, you will experience what it means for you and will be entirely clear to you what the truth is.

I urge you not to force this, when you are ready, when you understand, when you are one then it will be revealed. This is timeless it is not adhered to  on your universe time, in fact time is just a perception. Love and Light to you.

Some words for you…

There is but one truth that is all, and the freedom of thought and the release of thought is the path to this

Time and the Concept of Time

Is there anything you would like to channel through me today?

Yes as always, you can come to me whenever you wish there is no need for you to ask my permission. I am here to give guidance and light whenever it is required and you can do that whenever you wish to.

I would like to talk a little about time and the concept of time that is held within the minds of those that have the concept of time. As for many it is not believable that time is merely there to allow you to progress forward at the rate which is appropriate for your level. Time is purely there to allow you all to exist and move towards another future time on a continuous basis. Continue reading “Time and the Concept of Time”

The Universe and Energy Explained

You are living on this earth which is part of a universe that you cannot begin to understand giving your level of current consciousness and understanding. To explain the fullness of the universe would be a difficult thing to do as it has a truth to it that would be hard to explain to you in your terms. You must know that there are different levels which exist at the same time, although time is not the correct word, but it is one that you can understand as the word time gives you a sense of something you cannot ordinarily measure. Continue reading “The Universe and Energy Explained”