Things Which Remain Unsaid But Are The Truth

There are so many things which remain unsaid and yet contain the truth with the words that are no spoken but felt within, and at times these feelings that lay within contain the truth, the light, the love and the knowledge that would set you free, yet they are not spoken. They are no said and lead to the time here to be one of sadness and not feeling at one with the truth within.  It is the feelings that emanate from within that contain all the knowledge and truth that is required.

Listen to those silent voices of truth that will guide the way an not the voices of others that will take you down a different path. The light within you has all the knowledge you need to take you to the places that you need to go. Not in a physical sense but the places in you your mind which have all the answers you need. We are all one and that is where truth can be found.

Though many are not even the slightest bit aware of what is possible with their own mind. All great things come from the mind, from that inner knowledge and truth that pervades throughout every single  one because we are one. This is not so difficult to understand though the rational mind will deny it. It is there look deep within and everything you need is there. I will finish with this…

Love is life and life is to love. Find the love within you and feel its power to take you and lift you to a higher place of knowledge and consciousness  and there you will find your ultimate truth of the one.

All That I Am Is All That You Are

All that I am is all that you are and all that you are is all that I am. We are one and one only and the one source. The knowledge is one.  Everything is one, all is one, there is no individual, everything is together and it cannot be divided. I am there within you always, you have everything you could need within you, you only have to ask. Always believe and it will be given.

All that I am is all that you are there is no divide no difference. There is one source, that is the source of energy light and life and all that can delivered from this will be done so in a way that may not always be clear to you but it is happening at all times and cannot be undone to you or anyone which is around you. You are one and are one life.

Awakening – The Dark And The Light

Is there anything you would like to channel through me today?

Yes there always is my dear, I am always here if you need me and I accept that you will ask when you feel that it is right for you and your feel that is it appropriate.

Now is a time when many things are happening and it’s not to be taken lightly. There will be some dark times that will be countered by some amazing flashes of lightness and purity that will allow the darkness to recede that have not been seen before. It is not a question of good versus bad but there will be an awakening that will be shown through the deeds of many people that may not be thought of as being those who would allow themselves to give their light in this way. Continue reading “Awakening – The Dark And The Light”

Collective Consciousness

There is something about the ability to keep your human mind focused and alert to the feeling and needs of the inner self which are so often ignored in so many people. This is often thought of meditation or relaxation of some sort but this is not quite what I am talking to you about today, it is more about a connection that can take place to allow the mind to access what it needs to know to take your form forward on its path and know what is to be done. It cannot be achieved at a simple level by those who are not aware of it but his connection can be made easy for those that have made an energy connection in childhood and know innately how to do this. Continue reading “Collective Consciousness”

The Universe and Energy Explained

You are living on this earth which is part of a universe that you cannot begin to understand giving your level of current consciousness and understanding. To explain the fullness of the universe would be a difficult thing to do as it has a truth to it that would be hard to explain to you in your terms. You must know that there are different levels which exist at the same time, although time is not the correct word, but it is one that you can understand as the word time gives you a sense of something you cannot ordinarily measure. Continue reading “The Universe and Energy Explained”