Some Thoughts On Death, Love and Light

Is there anything you would like to channel through me today?
I will always have some words for you as you are kind enough to allow me to speak my knowledge and learnings through you.

It is known that there is a time when your current form can no longer sustain the energy and this passing out of the body or vessel that you “live” in can be a difficult time. Many people who remain connected to that energy cannot understand why their connection has been removed and want for many reasons it returned to them. This absolute connection is not possible on your level, once the body is no longer active then the energy or light that was there as moved forward to another place which is difficult to be imagined by the people that were connected to that energy. Continue reading “Some Thoughts On Death, Love and Light”

Energy, Lightness and Darkness

Is there anything you would like to channel through me today?

There is a time when you mind can be at a stillness and peace and allow the inner spark to thrive. This should be allowed to happen because at times it does not get the chance to do this and it means that it cannot tell your human mind at a base or unconscious level what it needs to know to carry on your future path, the one that is destined for you and it will become trapped, as it is in so many people. This will result in many things such as illness or if the energy cannot let it be known that it is there and what it needs then this can mean that a mind can become troubled. As in the other places there are different types of energy and some are not as you may image them to be. Continue reading “Energy, Lightness and Darkness”

The Truth, Light and Darkness

An absolute belief is often considered to be pure and a faithfulness to one path can be thought of being wise and in your terms committed or holy. However the following of a path to the exclusion of all others can bring with it difficulties for the inner part of you. Not all inner light is completely pure and it can be easily tainted by those paths that are not truthful. It is often difficult for a being to understand this when they believe in their own mind that they have found their one and only path to their mind’s concept of the ‘light’. Continue reading “The Truth, Light and Darkness”

The Truth About The Law of Attraction

Can you tell me more about the “Law of Attraction” which is so popular at the moment?

There are many laws in the universe as you are aware, you have read about them recently. The law of attraction is one that can be found here on your earth and in other places that do not even exist in your own mind or those of other people. The need to attract is a strange thing, that many people believe they can do by the power of sentient thought. Continue reading “The Truth About The Law of Attraction”

Why do I Channel?

What do I do with all these things I am writing?

My dear, you know what you have to do, there is no need to ask this of me. The answer is so simple that you have known it all your life. Write and you will be heard just as you did when you were an evolving child.

The stories are real now, the root to calm is here right in front of you, do not block it, find a simple way to express this knowledge that you are receiving, feel no fear, it is pure and has no meaning in particular for you but for all to learn from. Continue reading “Why do I Channel?”