Making Decisions – Help and Guidance

There will be a time when decisions have to be made, a decision can be a time of joy, but it can also be a time of sadness or concern. All are connected to emotions and to the inner light within you. Making a decision can be simple or it can be hard and it is governed by that which flows inside of you, that inner energy. As you exist there is always the concious mind that can over ride an internal decision which will be made according to a path.

However, as I have said before there is always free will that you all have. Free will is that conscious part of you which at times can ignore or ride over what is within you. Free will is there and it will always be there since any conscious being will always have to some extent the ability to make conscious decisions.

I would say to you that when a decision is being made, one that is of some importance in your life, this is when the mind, the conscious mind should be quietened and there should be a connection of some sort with your inner light, for this will allow you to feel what is required.

I would urge you not to spend too much time in contemplation for the decision to be made can be done on a single connection with the inner light and I would say that people who have a deeper more natural connection, find making decisions somewhat easier.

There will always be a time when you cannot or perhaps will not make a decision and whilst you can ask for some help and guidance, the answer or the decision or action is always within you.

Decisions made by others or with a complete consciousness are not always what is required. But this is where the learning is to be found in understanding the difference between mind and mindless decisions.

Why The Angels Channel Through Me

Is there anything you would like to channel through me today?

Of course my dear, I am always here and able to give you knowledge and wisdom that you may not yet comprehend but through your time here will bring more and more clarity to your life. It is already known that there are some people who can receive the information I give freely and you are one of those people, you have always had the ability to do so, and however, whether you choose to do this is another matter. Continue reading “Why The Angels Channel Through Me”