Synchronicity of Body, Mind and Spirit

The conscious mind and the inner self will always operate in synchronicity if you wish it to be so. For many people this is not possible as the sentient mind will feel a need for the things that make you what you are perceived to be in your own particular society.

Part of the problem is that in so many people the body mind and the light energy are not connected together in a harmonious way. In many people this causes discontent, restlessness and a feeling of not matching up in some way. As I have said to you before, if you are to listen to that inner light, the voice, the feeling that truly guides you, you will find the peace you have been seeking for so long now.

This is where you need not to think, but to act freely and with a move towards a more calmness of your inner being. If you can do this for your own self, then you will find that you will also give great comfort and feelings to those who seek you out and understand your inner self for what it truly is; not what you think it should be. There is no answer for you other than the truth is all around you and within you. You have the ability to find this and ensure that you do what is right for the whole of you. The whole of you is made up of many parts, some you are aware of, even though you are becoming aware of some of them. The time is right for you, you are loved and protected and your current form is the only restriction on your path to the truth and light that is there and has always burned in the most beautiful place, where your own spirit is free to do what it will.

The path is so easy to follow all you need to do is open up your eyes from the deepest depths of your being and see what has been there all along. You are able, not focused on taking for your own self but for others to gain knowledge and guidance from. Set yourself free!

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