Relying Too Much On Your Conscious Mind

There is a feeling of  consciousnessthat flows through everyone. There is a need to be conscious on your level, you could not live your life without conscious thought or without conscious actions. So the mind as it is should not be dismissed since it is there to serve a purpose and allow you to move through your life on your path.

There are people who rely on their consciousness too much and they are not connected with the inner light and this often when problems can occur, since there is no real connection with their truth or purpose and what is required of them.

Let me tell you that in some cases though the opposite is true and there is too much reliance on the inner light and the connection can become too strong. This is especially in those inner lights which are not that experienced and can cause problems, since this strong connection can often lead to some darkness of the conscious mind and in some case a belief that has too strong a hold on consciousness and so there is little free will or consciousness driving that life forwards.

This may cause such problems that cannot be understood or explained and I would say that although it is unfortunate in some people, that is in some respects this has to be accepted as this inner learning will be carried forward with them.

I have spoken of connection with your inner light many times before and all I wanted to suggest is that whilst this connection is important in some people the connection is too strong and rebalance may be required.

So allow the two to become connected but be aware that his should be done at the correct balance or level

Here is an affirmation

“Why do you seek the truth when it is already within you?”

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