Love, Light and Truth Angelic Affirmations

These are affirmations that I channeled over a number of years from my angel friends – they are here for you to use as you would wish and I hope they help you find love and light.

“The light is not here to be captured but released”

“Light and love and feeling a truth within, is all a soul need to soar”

“Be of the light, feel its energy and smile, for the smile is a way to feeling the love”

“Light and love are so entwined they are here to allow you to be”

“You cannot own your truth, it is there for you to follow and know, and no more”

“Giving love is nothing without inner truth”

“Do not force the love to come to you, it will find a way if your light is pure”

“Be what you are, as you cannot be anyone else, the light inside you will guide you and all you have to do is trust”

“Feeling energy is like bathing in a warm shaft of pure sunlight, so feel its warmth always”

“Time is irrelevant; you will be here for as long as you need to be. Give love, and time will be what it needs to be for you.”

“The more that your light is released, the more you will feel it returned”

“Let your mind be at peace, and feel the light flood into your body”

“Your energy has a truth, follow this, nurture it and let it be as it needs to be”

“Challenge, do not fear and always know that if your light is true you are protected and loved”

“See your guiding light for what it is, not what you wish it to be”

“If a path was straight and flat, then the inner light would not need to burn so brightly”

“The energy, love and light is all around you, all you need to do is ask and return it back with love”

“Hope is not lost it is only the inner light that burns a little less brightly, ignite the light and hope will be restored”

“Be as you were as a young child, it is a beautiful time when your light is free from the burdens of the mind”

“Silence – allow the body to be still and the mind to be at peace and enjoy the essence of being”

“There is no such thing as chance, everything happens because it was meant to be for you”

“Freedom is the reality you make it, everyone can be free if they choose to be so”

“Hold a hand, feel its warmth love an energy, then smile”

“If your need is greater than what you require you will not discover what it is that you need at all”

“Silence is a way of being, when there is silence there is peace and love around you”

“Cry, laugh, smile, for all of these allow the energy to flow freely and without the control of the mind”

“We all have a purpose, just follow the light within and allow it to guide you, you need no more”

“Be alone with yourself, feel your energy and light and allow it to flow freely”

“Peace for you is not peace for me, recognise your own peace, know it and love it”

“We are all in a cycle one that brings you here and now, it is what it is and no more”

“Love and be loved for without love you are not whole”

“Open you mind, for once you are free you can accept the love you require”

“Time is the tick and tock of the clock but only when you want it to be”

“Go forward into the light for a path that is warm and full of love is a beautiful place to be”

“A grain of sand maybe small to you that is only your perception, to others it is an entire universe”

“Perception is what you are for others not what you are inside of you”

“If you cannot love; accept love instead and feel the change within”

“Lighten your life with love and feel its warmth surround you”

“What is the end, nothing but light, love and release”

“Let the mind be quiet and the soul be still and feel the love within”

“Forgive absolutely without condition and feel your energy restored”

“You cannot know what lies ahead, just be and live with the life you have”

“Sing and resonate the love within so others may feel your warmth”

“Be happy, make others happy with the love and energy that flows through you”

“Belief is only a concept alive in your mind”

“Thoughts are those things that your mind allows to happen, just as they can be thought they can be un-thought”

“Light a candle, watch the flame as a reflection of your own inner light, and be at peace with yourself”

“All that is required is a love that burns inside and is keeping you warm”

“Be quiet and you will feel what is right for you”

“Laughter is a way to release, so laugh and feel your energy brighten”

“Just because you cannot see the light does not mean that it doesn’t burn brightly”

“Time can be fast, time can be slow. Just as you know, time will be what it needs to be for you”

“Allow your mind to be free and feel the connection it needs to thrive”

“The body is just a vessel; accept this and feel that energy within”

“Ask and ask again. We are here to listen and for you to be heard”

“One step is the start of anything you wish to become”

“Listen to the beat of your heart and feel the warmth of it”

“I only know that when I follow the truth my whole being becomes alive”

“To find the inner spark is easy, all you have to do is listen”

“Walk your path, see your signs, and go where your heart takes you”

“Just because you cannot see love does not mean it is not there for you when you need it. Just ask and it will be given”

“Be alone…”

“For there is love, it is only those who do not seek it that fall down”

“Dreams are there. They exist and can be called upon in times of need”

“Doubt? Allow it and question as the truth will be revealed if you do”

“You cannot be without knowing and you cannot know without being”

“Just as you know this time you will also know another”

“As it is allowed then you should allow it “

“In this life you live there are no times for regrets, they are things that are gone, there is only now “

“A lightening of the mind is there to allow you to be free”

“Wind and love are equals the force at which they are felt is the same”

“Tools are there to be used, make life easier, use the healing tools that are around you”

“Honesty is a rare and beautiful thing, if you find truth then honesty will follow”

“You will be just as you have always been, a vessel with a light within that can burn as brightly as you wish it to”

“Love is not conditional; those who seek love with condition are not the truth”

“Always be for you can’t be anything other than the truth within you”

“If you see a light shining brightly it is only a reflection of the inner light within you that shines brightly”

“Look towards the light, for it will give your inner energy the love it needs to be complete and peaceful”

“You are here for your purpose, accept and acknowledge it.”

“Allow your mind to be free, live without the constraints that you find placed upon you and feel your energy light up from within”

“Time can always be altered, it just depends which clock you are looking at”

“To believe is to be and to be is to believe, both are possible”

“It is not what is said that is important but the feeling that results in the speaking of the words”

“Where love exists so does the opposite, think carefully before accepting either into your light”

“Being is just a small part of who you are, allow yourself to soar from time to time”

“Peace is there for all you just need to reach and feel it within”

“Be and be nobody else”

“Follow your light, life is a as simple as that, for that is where the learning is to be found”

“Time is a way of being that only moves with you if you require it”

“If peace is what you seek then look inwards, for this is where true peace is to be found, not within your mind but in your light”

“Close your eyes and feel your way along your path”

“Why do you see the truth when it is already within you?”

“Be what you are, there is no one else who can be you, only you”

” Allow the light to come through and around you, feel and engage in its healing warmth”

“Find out what the truth within you requires and follow it”

“Do what you wish, not what others wish of you”

“Time will always be available to you”