Live As You Want To Live

You live as you want to live, not as others allow you to live. There is a truth within you that can allow you to be, whether you access this truth or allow it to be “you” is always a challenge since the conscious mind may not want or like the truth within you.

However this will be accepted since there is only the truth and this is not what many want to accept, that their inner spark, that light, that energy which resides within us all that cannot be denied and will become you all, at times whether you consciously want or require it.

I would add that sometimes there can be a darkness to this energy which can frighten or make you afraid but as with all things there has to be a balance and this has to be between darkness and light .

Some affirmations for you

“Where there is light there is love, follow your light”

“There is always time to be if you make it so”

“Deep inside the light is there allow yourself feel its warmth”

“Love never dies, just as energy can never be destroyed, a love connection will never be severed”

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