Light is the Essence and the Truth

There is a beam of light that soars through you all. But it is not just the light it is within the very essence of you that must seek the truth, that is where the true feeling of love is to be found. Beware those who promise the light, only you alone can access it. It is yours to find and no one else.

Time is not as simple as it may appear, you may not realise the passing of time, but it is always there, it is only a part of your soul and the time that you experience is not only precious but is to be enjoyed not played with and to torment. Allow yourself to be, and time will not be relevant, you can feel yourself soar.

Transition is a strange time, the energy surrounds you, don’t ignore this, it is here to guide and will not own you, but will allow your mind to be free to consider the way, that is your path and yours alone.  If you seek to force the way it will not reveal itself, you must be at balance and feel the change.

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