Helping People Along Their Path

Sometimes there is a time in your life cycle when you will feel some challenge, despair and loss. This is to be expected; there is no such thing as a perfect life since you are here for the purposes of learning. Even those that dedicated their life to spiritual understanding will have troubles and face blockages from time to time, and this is to be expected.

All these challenges are relative and should never be judged by others who may look inwards to themselves and are unable to understand why a personal issue cannot be resolved. Help can be given to people who are struggling to move onwards on their path but it should be done so from a point of neutrality, there should be no interference or stringent guidance given. Suggestion and talking are all good but to judge and to impose your inner thoughts, upon those where you do not and cannot begin to understand what their inner light requires of them should not be practiced.

Yet I have seen this occur so many times where the connection of two people, one being the helper, results in an even more stressful situation for the person they are trying to help, since their light energy is seeking to override ad interfere with another.

I would suggest that if you were to help them, the words, support and learning are the ones that I would use since there has been too much interference at a spiritual inner level and this will almost always have a negative outcome for those involved.

I would urge you to allow people to be, and for them to ask of themselves what is required, since the answer will almost always be found from within. You can help in this process and ask questions, but there should always be a light touch never a heavy hand in these matters.

What about those people which seem to have a darkness or meanness in them?

Ah, yes, it is known that the balance within some is moving towards a darkness “an evil”, you may call it, and this has always been the case. Where there is light there will always be dark and in some respects the two are needed for balance within the universe.

There are those with a much darker connection and in these cases, the same is required, there is still a need for them to look within for them to question what they are being guided to do. In some cases the darkness is there and will respond in a way so as to allow the person to feel at a conscious level, that whatever they do as actions is in some way correct and should be allowed.

I would say in these cases you may work with them, but be caution must be given, for if you interfere with that darkness, in some this energy is powerful and you must remain protected and not allow the energy into you.

You can support, but in some cases any light energy you may ask to be given to balance, may not be received as the darker energy wants to fulfil its path to where it is going.

There is no simple answer. Please be assured that there is work taking place to restore balance always and while an energy may be in darkness on your level, this may over “time” lessened though learning.

You may find it hard to reconcile but there will always be some darkness as without it the light could not exist and the truth that is within all of us would not survive.

Affirmations for you

“Love is within you”

“Look around and you will see there is always love and light to be found”

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