Doubt About What Might Be Required in Life

There is of course always a time on your path that you will question and doubt what is required of you. What is the purpose of your being and what you are in existence for on this level? The answer may not always come easily for some people, but that is not to be thought of as a bad thing. Sometimes “life” can be challenging and as you are here to learn it is to be expected that you will, from time to time, question the existence of being and what it is that your “life” wants to be for you.

I would say that this question asking is good and correct, for if you did not ask from time to time there would not be that connection with your inner light that is so necessary for you to move onwards on this level. I would say that sometimes the questions that you ask are on a level which is too conscious and when guidance is required it is often good for you to be in a state of relaxation and mindlessness so that the subtle connection with your inner light can be achieved. For many this can be difficult as they live in a very conscious way that is not really connected to their inner light, and for those people the occasional connection would serve them well, as it will often ease the mind or give them peace of mind that what they are doing is in fact right for them and appropriate.

There is a move towards a slower pace of life even though at this present time it would not seem to be so. And I would say the slower one’s life is lived in some respects the better this is for connection with the inner light.

Whilst there will be a gradual slowing down and move towards a more spiritual way of life this will take some time and may not be realised for a very long time. I would ask you to allow these words that I give to you to be seen by those that wish to see them.

Here are some affirmations

“Follow your light, life is a as simple as that, for that is where the learning is to be found”

“Time is a way of being that only moves with you if you require it”

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