How Do Healers Help People Find Their Healing?

How do we as healers best help people to find their healing?

It is not a question of what type of healing, there is no such thing as a specific healing that will magically heal all. Healing energy exists all around you and it is there, ready and available to be tapped into at any time when it is require. It is not known by many that this healing energy exists but for those that are aware of it can ask and channel this energy when it is required for themselves and on behalf of others.

The best way to help those who require healing is to ask for what is required. This may be different for each and every person, it does not require the same as each person has a different imbalance within them that requires balancing. Continue reading “How Do Healers Help People Find Their Healing?”

Healing and Energy and Finding the Balance

Is there anything you would like to channel through me today?

As always I have nothing but light love and energy to give to you and some learnings which you may find useful on your journey along this road.

It is known that healing can occur and will do at many levels and it is also known that sometimes this healing cannot be accepted due to a blockage with the inner energy. In these cases the blockage needs to be cleared before any healing can take place. This must be done with care so that the blockage is removed carefully and without upsetting the energy which exists within. Continue reading “Healing and Energy and Finding the Balance”