Can Children Communicate With Their Parents Before They Are Born?

A question from my sister…

Do children communicate with their parents before they are born… almost introducing themselves?

This brings forward the difficult question of what life for humans is?

Is it when the child is born? Or is it the when the act of conception happens?

In terms of what you think of as life, then this begins when the child breathes its first breath. There can be no doubt that this when its life as you know it actually begins. The question of whether the child communicates with its mother before is not a simple one to answer. It is ‘living’ and has an energy with it but communication at this ‘unborn’ stage would be difficult for one with a light that is not yet fully developed. Certainly the mother can sense the child but cannot communicate with it as you can with me as you are doing now. Your sense of energy and light at this early stage is there, but is energising and although there is a pure love connection, absolute communication at a sentient level is hard to achieve.

You can send love and light to your child and blessings which will be felt at some level by the small spark within, which was there from conception, but since the energy has chosen to reform in a human child it must go through the subtle learning processes that all children do as they grown. There may be some memories of the time they were growing inside their mother but it is not beneficial for them to remember, so the human brain chooses not to do so at a conscious level. I can say that there is a deep level of understanding if the mother and child are in synchronicity and this often the case with very enlightened energies, but it would still require the child’s light to be sufficiently developed to allow sentient communication to take place.

All children have a spark within them which it has chosen, but this still has to grown and develop within the confines of a human body and brain. It cannot be that the child knows what its mother is thinking because it does not have that capacity it can only feel it at a base level, felt as energy. This is a complex subject and energies operate on so many levels that to explain this to the human mind, how the relationship between a mother and unborn child develops is difficult. I have tried to make it clear that at some level there is an energetic connection, but at more conscious level that you may understand there is not. This is not to say that the connection is any less valid, it is just that you cannot experience it as you would as I am channelling through you today, or was you would talk to someone. The connection is there it is just much more subtle and may not be realised by either the mother or child on any conscious human level.

There is not need for an unborn child to communicate it has all it needs from within the mother and to force this at a conscious level would be damaging for the development of the internal spark.

Let things develop at their own pace and when the child breathes its first breath and is born and human life becomes real, there will be an awakening of that inner spark that can be communicated with. From a smile to a touch, your child is learning how to communicate with you on human terms and their inner light is growing with them.

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